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A podcast of classic bedtime stories for children of all ages.

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159 - The Velveteen Rabbit
Feb 8th, 2016 by royhayward at 6:49 am

As a boy I had several toys that I made real in the same way that the Velveteen Rabbit became real. At least they were real to me as a boy. So I always had a special connection to the boy and his rabbit in this story.

I know that some people never make this type of emotional connection with toys as children. I think I always wonder about them a little. Because when I listen to this story and remember the times I played with toys made real by love as a child, the magic of those times comes back, just a little, and I can feel the wonder of pure imagination once more. 
Its one of the things that makes me want to share these stories with people now that I'm a grownup child. 

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